Wednesday, 30 May 2012

ScreenFree FM Radio v1.0.3 now supports Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

So what has changed?

  • Fixed problem with returning from bookmark when Mute during text-to-speech is used.
  • Added support for Android OS v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
  • Dropped support for Android OS v2.1 (Eclair) and earlier due to changes needed for ICS.
  • Fixed problem with double commands sometimes being sent to Media Player.
  • Improved confirmation tone volume.
  • Added new preference: Mute during text-to-speech . This will be on by default.
  • Added new preference: Media Player to allow user to specify which media player will receive headset button presses. This will try and default to the standard Android music player.
  • Added preference: Fallback to Media Player to allow next/previous station commands to act as Media Player next/previous when radio is not playing. This will be off by default.
Note that on ICS a long press will no longer wake up a sleeping phone and start the radio, you will need to do a short press before the long press can be recognised. If you have Fallback to Media Player on then the Media Player will start first but the next long press will start the radio as expected.

ScreenFree FM Radio v1.0.3 is available through GetJar or via direct download here:


  1. Hi there. I am on an i9000M (from Bell) running ICS333 v2.0.1 (Android 4.0.4). I downloaded the apk via the barcode, but I keep getting the error "Application not installed". Any suggestions on what is going wrong here?

    1. First time I've heard that happening for my radio app. Searching the net it seems that some people do have problems installing some .apk files on ICS. Apparently a few people, not everyone, have overcome the problem by installing via the ASTRO file manager (free version) from the market place. Hope it works for you.

    2. Hi,

      Tried Astro as suggested, but still no love.

      Any other ideas?

    3. Hi Soundwave,

      The only other thing I can suggest is to try and install it via GetJar:

    4. Hello,

      Just try from getjar, same result :(

      Than I try from adb install, result:


    5. Hi eshabe,

      What phone model,OS version and carrier are you using?

      Also can you email the logcat log to me: screenfreefmradio {at} .

    6. Has anyone had any luck installing it on CM 9.1? It still won't install for me.

    7. Hi Soundwave,

      Cyanogenmod 9.x & 10.x do not appear to support the FM radio.

  2. Parabéns pela versão

    Ficou ÓTIMA

    Rodando no SII

  3. Hi,
    On Samsung Galaxy player 3.6 (Galaxy S WiFi 3.6.) works perfectly.
    Thank you much...

  4. Hi I am using LG Optimus L9. How to install your app in my phone. Please Help.

  5. I downloaded the .apk directly and try to install in on my i9100. It is running android 4.2.2. The app does not get installed; gives a msg 'app not installed'.


    I have heard that the US version of i9100 (Samsung Galaxy S2) does not have the hardware radio, but it is replaced with a near field communication chip in that area. I know my phone has a radio, because in the earlier version of the android that came with the phone, the Samsung version, there was an FM radio app and it was working fine.

    I am now running Cyanomod 10.1.3-i9100 (Android 4.2.2).

    If you would like, I can try to help you to get this to work with the later versions of Android. Would you be interested? It is possible the internal sw has masked the interface to the fm radio hardware, not sure. Most likely it is an android version incompatibility.

  6. Hi, this app is great and I use it every day! Thanks a lot!! Now a changed my phone to a s5 neo and cant find an app that does the same. Do you have some code to share, since you didnt upgraded de app?