Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The ScreenFree FM Radio App

ScreenFree FM Radio allows you to control the FM radio on your Samsung Galaxy S or Galaxy S II with the headset button.

Its designed primarily to let you control all the important radio functions without turning the screen on, using only the single button on your headset.

Main features include:

  * User definable action for:
      - headset button long press.
      - 5 different headset button short presses.
      - widget next/previous buttons.
  * Control headset button responsiveness.
  * Ready-to-go. No pre-scanning required.
  * Use in stand-alone mode, or via widget.
  * Favourites.
  * Bookmark.
  * RDS (Radio Data System) info display.
  * Text to speech.
  * Add station frequency manually if needed.
  * Control media player with headset button.
  * Power saving.

Screen Shots

Supported Phones

ScreenFree FM Radio is expected to work on many variations of the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S II. It will not work on variants where the FM radio is missing, disabled in hardware or disabled in software.

ScreenFree FM Radio was developed and tested on the Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100).

Based on the feedback from users of the Samsung Galaxy S radio widget (on which ScreenFree FM Radio is based), ScreenFree FM Radio should work on the following Galaxy S variants:

  * Galaxy S (i9000)
  * Bell Galaxy S Vibrant (i9000M)
  * Galaxy Apollo (i5800)
  * Galaxy SL (i9003)

may not work on the following Galaxy S variants:

  * Fascinate
  * Captivate
  * Vibrant (in general)
  * Epic

and will not work on the following:

  * T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II (SGH-T989)

Does ScreenFree FM Radio work/not work for you? Please leave feedback here with details such as phone name, model number, carrier, and if your phone is rooted/flashed.

Where can I get it?


ScreenFree FM Radio is available through GetJar or via direct download here:

screenfree_fm_radio_v_1_0_1.apk .


  1. does not work with ICS 4.0.3

  2. I'm the developer of Spirit FM Radio:

    Your app works fine on my Galaxy S with the stock derived Darky ROM I use for testing my app's support for the Samsung proprietary FM API.

    My app also has support for various functions on the media button controls, but it's not as comprehensive as yours.

    These controls are only enabled in the paid Unlocked app however, not in the free version.

    I'm interested to know if you will be updating the app or selling it anytime soon.

    Thanks !

    1. I have no immediate plans for updates unless issues arise after I upgrade my Galaxy S II to ICS 4.

      I don't have an Android Market account or an urge to create a paid version. If a paid version was to come out it wouldn't have many extra feature, and would mainly just be a way for people to show appreciation financially if they wanted.

  3. Please update the application version, since 4.0.3 does not work in ICS, and is a FAIL. If you want you can even ask money!

  4. I like your APP very much, please update it to ICS. Regards

  5. Thanks for updating the app for ICS, but I need to report a bug: some times when changing the radio station, the volume suddenly rises up to max. level, and then it blocks at that level; if I try to level down the volume then automatically goes upo again, even when I close the app. The only way to return the phone to normal state is reseting the phone.
    I hope this could help to solve this issue.

    1. Thanks for the bug report. I can't reproduce the problem or see how that might happen. It certainly shouldn't be doing anything after the app is closed.

      The only time closing the app might not appear to close properly is if you have added the ScreenFree FM Radio widget to a homescreen panel. The widget will keep the app running under certain conditions.

      If it happens again, delete the ScreenFree FM Radio widget from the home screen panel (if you added it previously) and use the task manager to exit (force-close) the ScreenFree FM Radio app. If you still can't control the volume after that then the problem is most likely another app.

      Can you tell me the name/model number of the phone, carrier, and if your phone is rooted/flashed. Also if you have installed any other apps that use the headset button. Thanks!

    2. Hello. As you recommended before, I uninstall another app that worked with the headset button and apparently the problem was fixed, the app was JAYS controller.
      However, I send data for improving the app. My phone is GT-I9100 with Android 4.0.3, PHONE: I9100XXLPX PDA: I9100XWLPI.
      The phone isn't rooted/flashed. I also tested the app with a Stock ROM with ICS ver. 4.0.4 and the ScreenFree app blocked. Thanks.

  6. Hi,

    This app does not seem to work with Galaxy S2. I use Samsung GT-I9100 with Android 4.0.3. The phone is not rooted or slashed.
    Whenever I try to open the app and scan for stations, it says "Unfortunately ScreenFree FM Radio stopped working"
    Please Help.


    1. Are you using v1.0.3 which is for Andrioc v4.0.3? You added your comment to v1.0.1 so you may not have found the latest version, which can always be found at

  7. Do you have any plans for update the ScreenFree app for JellyBean (JB) Android, Ver. 4.1.2? Does it work anyway?


    1. I haven't received any reports that it does not work on Jelly Bean. The only thing I know that won't work with Jelly Bean on stock firmware is the long press, and that's because Google Now take priority over all other apps.

      If anyone is using/has tried using ScreenFree FM Radio on Jelly Bean, please leave feedback.

  8. Using jb on a t989 (sgs2 - cm 10.2/4.3.1) and it won't install.