Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The ScreenFree FM Radio App

ScreenFree FM Radio allows you to control the FM radio on your Samsung Galaxy S or Galaxy S II with the headset button.

Its designed primarily to let you control all the important radio functions without turning the screen on, using only the single button on your headset.

Main features include:

  * User definable action for:
      - headset button long press.
      - 5 different headset button short presses.
      - widget next/previous buttons.
  * Control headset button responsiveness.
  * Ready-to-go. No pre-scanning required.
  * Use in stand-alone mode, or via widget.
  * Favourites.
  * Bookmark.
  * RDS (Radio Data System) info display.
  * Text to speech.
  * Add station frequency manually if needed.
  * Control media player with headset button.
  * Power saving.

Screen Shots

Supported Phones

ScreenFree FM Radio is expected to work on many variations of the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S II. It will not work on variants where the FM radio is missing, disabled in hardware or disabled in software.

ScreenFree FM Radio was developed and tested on the Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100).

Based on the feedback from users of the Samsung Galaxy S radio widget (on which ScreenFree FM Radio is based), ScreenFree FM Radio should work on the following Galaxy S variants:

  * Galaxy S (i9000)
  * Bell Galaxy S Vibrant (i9000M)
  * Galaxy Apollo (i5800)
  * Galaxy SL (i9003)

may not work on the following Galaxy S variants:

  * Fascinate
  * Captivate
  * Vibrant (in general)
  * Epic

and will not work on the following:

  * T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II (SGH-T989)

Does ScreenFree FM Radio work/not work for you? Please leave feedback here with details such as phone name, model number, carrier, and if your phone is rooted/flashed.

Where can I get it?


ScreenFree FM Radio is available through GetJar or via direct download here:

screenfree_fm_radio_v_1_0_1.apk .